Is It Possible to Change Invisalign Plan with Attachments After Receiving the Trays?

Promised no attachments on my front teeth but when my trays arrived w/ attachments she said she thought I only wanted "less" attachments. Told me to only wear the bottom trays & that she would simply order new trays as a mid course correction. When I went back in to pick up my new set she instead now wants me to bring back in my old top trays and try them with only 1 attachment instead of the 4. 1) Could it even work with only 1 attachment? 2) Is it even possible to get new trays?

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Invisalign attachments change

Per treatment planning is so important for both the patient and Dr alike. Once the trays are made and issues come up the best thing is to remake the trays and be willing to settle for any limitation the Dr warned about. The old tray might do some good but the treatment plan has been changed for the trays already made that we're based on using attachments

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Changing invisalign after receiving trays

The invisalign attachments help teeth move in certain directions.  Sometimes the attachments can be removed and other times it will effect the outcome of the treatment.  Your dentist would know ahead of time whether they would be needed.  Not using the attachments can result in movements not being predictable

Leonard Tau, DMD
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Changing Invisalign plan after initial tray delivery

The attachments are intended to allow Invisalign to complete certain tooth movements.  If you eliminate them you might find that Invisalign will not work very well.  It is possible to have trays made with no attachments; ask your dentist how this would affect the results.

Brian Povolny, DDS, PhD
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Changing Invisalign Plan After Receiving Trays

The dentist knows IN ADVANCE of ordering the initial trays if they will have attachments or not, and this should have been explained to you in advance. It is possible to change the plan and order new trays, BUT Invisalign will let the dentist know exactly what type of result to expect without the attachments. It will NOT be the same result as WITH the attachments, and in fact, might not even be possible to do without the attachments. Invisalign will inform the dentist of this BEFORE making the new trays, and the dentist should discuss this with you BEFORE ordering the new trays.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
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