What Are the Grades for Cellulite, and Which Ones is Cellulaze Most Effective at Treating?

How do you know which grade you are? What is the criteria? Also, does Cellulaze only work on certain grades?

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Cellulaze works on all grades of cellulite

Although Cellulaze is effective in treatment of all grades of cellulite, the best outcomes are achieved in the moderate to mild range.

  1. Mild:  minimal skin dimpling, occasional pit
  2. Moderate: diffuse skin dimpling with pits and bulges
  3. Severe:  skin dimpling with severe bulges and pits, skin thinning with diffuse wrinkling.

The appearance of cellulite will be improved even in the most severe cases, but some of the cellulite hallmarks will not be removed completely.

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What Are the Grades for Cellulite, and Which Ones is Cellulaze Most Effective at Treating?

+1 Here is the classification called the Nurnberger-Muller Scale: Stage 0 (No Cellulite) No dimpling when the subjet is standing and lying.The pinch test reveals "folds and furrows", but there is no mattress-like appearance. Stage I (Mild Cellulite) No dimpling when the subject is standing or lying, but the pinch test reveals the mattress-like appearance. Stage II (Moderate Cellulite) Dimpling appears spontaneously when standing, but is no longer visible when lying down. Stage III (Severe Cellulite) Dimpling is spontaneously positive when standing and lying down. Cellulaze is most effective in treating Grades I and II, if by effective you mean seeing the least amount of the original cellulite after treatment. But when a woman has Grade III cellulite, with lots of depressions and dimples, you may not make it perfect but you can get a wonderful improvement that will make almost anybody very happy. Especially considering the degree of change and the previous impossibility of doing anything for this problem.

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Severity of Cellulite

Each patient may have a different severity of cellulite, if you have areas of skin that are lumpy and dimpling that you are a candidate for Cellulaze. This is a minimally invasive treatment and will keep the areas cellulite-free. Consult with your surgeon to find out if this procedure is right for you.

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Cellulite Grading Scale

The grading scale for cellulite was devised in 1972 by Nürnberger and Müller. This scale involves three separate stages. To determine what stage you are, look into a mirror over your shoulder and examine your buttock and thighs.

Stage 1: Cellulite (dimpling) is visible when the skin is pinched (or alternatively when the underlying muscles are contracted).

Stage 2: Cellulite (dimpling) is visible while standing.

Stage 3: Cellulite (dimpling) is visible while lying down (supine).

As a general rule in plastic surgery, the more severe the deformity, the better the result after surgery. Accordingly, Cellulaze works best on severe cellulite, but long-term results have been demonstrated in the medical literature across all grades.

Cellulaze is FDA approved and requires only minimal downtime. For targeted areas, the procedure can be performed in office using oral pain medication along with tumescent (liposuction type) infiltration anesthesia.

Seek consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon to determine if Cellulaze is right for you.

Cellulite Grades

There are 3 grades of cellulite.  These grade levels are determined by the severity of dimpling to the skin and will be determined by your doctor during your consultation.  Cellulaze works on all 3 grades with the best results at mild to moderate cellulite.

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Http://www.casas.md/cellulaze/Cellulaze is an effective treatment for mild, moderate and some cases of severe cellulite.

The best way to evaluate your cellulite is to come in for a consultation. In the standing position we will map out the areas of cellulite and determine based on the severity of the skin thinning, the bulging fat, and the dimpling skin whether you have areas of mild, moderate or severe cellulite. Cellulaze is most effective in treating mild to moderate cellulite because the deep dimples may require fat grafting even after septae release. Since Cellulaze is the first effective surgical treatment for cellulite come in for a consultation to see if you are a good candidate.

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Grades for Cellulite

There are three grades: mild, moderate, and severe. Cellulaze is most effective on moderate cellulite. Your doctor will determine which grade you are and whether or not you are a candidate for the treatment during a consultation. Best of luck. 

Grades of Cellulatie and who is NOT a candidate

. The only category that is not a candidate for Cellulaze is the grade III Severe. these patient have in addition to the cellulite...deep contour irregularities both as hills and valleys that need either liposuction, fat grafting or both to correct them.

There are 3 grades of Cellulite I-II-III


Grades of Cellulite

According to the  Muller Nurnberger scale for cellulite, there are three grades.   To simplify, there is Grade I  (mild)  Grade II (moderate) and Grade III (severe).   The patients who are candidates for Cellulaze have Grade II cellulite.   Please see a board certified PS who performs Cellulaze to learn more about your options.

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What Are the Grades for Cellulite, and Which Ones is Cellulaze Most Effective at Treating?

Each of the previous expert posters are correct. Please seek a CELLULAZE surgeon in your area to discuss and examine you so you are fully informed. I personally have results on Types I, II. that are excellent. Type III cases obtain 50 to 70% improvements. Regards Dr. B


After speaking with other CELLULAZE doctors the grading system has 4 grades. Type I, II, III, IV.

I being minor or mild irregularities of the skin. Best results with Cellulaze.

II mild to moderate with three sub headings a,b,c. Great results in the orange peel effect.

II moderate to severe with again 3 sub headings. Good results in the deep orange peel with some elevations and pits.

IV severe again 3 subs. Only can achieve 50 to 70% improvements. 


Surface area is the determining factor for pricing.

Small area bilaterally, size of a melon or out stretched hand is $5,000.

Moderate area like the complete outer thigh bilaterally $7,000 to $8,000.

Large area as in outer + posterior thigh bilateral from $10,000. 

The type of cellulite does not effect fees as much as surface area to be treated. I now after doing 20 cases believe I.V. sedation with the local anesthesia allows for a better experience in the moderate to large areas. I also have a 40% combination of other operations with the CELLULAZE. Today I did Smart Lipo TRIPLEX on abdomen, hips, back and CELLULAZE on outer thighs. 

Points to be made: Only use an experience Cellulaze boarded surgeon. Ask for I.V. sedation if having larger surface areas. Do not do circumferential thighs. Incisions either inferior or superior placed. 

I will continue to add info as I feel it can help.

CELLULAZE does work but there is a very high learning curve and experience speaks volumes. Regards Dr. B, MIAMI 

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