The Fat on my Belly Seems More Jiggly Now Than Before. Is This Normal? Can Coolscultping Make Fat More Noticeable?

I had coolsculping done 13 days ago. The pain has stopped , still feels a bit numb but the fat seems more jiggly now than before. For instance when I sit down, there is a fat roll that rolls over my pants that was not there before. I have not read anything about this... is this normal and does it mean the fat is moving? I'm kind of getting worried that this made it worse than it was before... Can anyone please advise...thx Oh I had one treatment with the large applicator on my abdomen.

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Lower Abdomen CoolSculpting

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In my practice we advise our patients that they should not expect to see reduction in the first three weeks following CoolSculpting.  Some results may be seen after one month and final results are achieved after three months.  Swelling is part of the CoolSculpting process and this may be the cause of what you are describing as jiggly and more noticeable.  My practice offers patients compression garments to wear in the weeks post treatment to reduce this appearance.  The compression is part of CoolSculpting Complete which also includes vibrational therapy for lymphatic drainage.  This can assist lymphatic removal of the broken down fat cells. 

Find a top CoolSculpting provider in your area by going to the CoolSculpting website.  They may have special pricing that other practices are not able to offer.  In my Raleigh NC office we offer patients Instant Rebates for buy one get one free CoolSculpting treatments.

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Coolsculpting to remove fat without surgery or liposuction

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Edema is a swelling of the dermis and subcutaneous fat compartments composed of your own water. This edema is common after many procedures including CoolSculpting and can cause the subcutaneous compartment to jiggle. The fat cells that die as a result of the coolsculpting take several months to get metabolized by the body and the looseness decreases as this proceeds normallly for most patients.

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Coolsculpting should not make your skin more flabby

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I have been doing coolsculpting for years and have not found that it makes your skin more flabby and jiggly.  In fact, the skin is not affected by coolsculpting.  Did you take photos before and after the procedure? I would ask the treating doctor and let her/him take a look at it.  The large applicator works well for the abdomen and you should have good results.  Please let me know how your treatment works.  I love the technology with Coolsculpting and have had great success with the procedure.

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