Is It Safe to Have 12 Applicators at Once in Aday? Cool Sculpting?

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Maximum CoolSculpting Treatments in One Day

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When a practice has dual machines, two applicators can be applied in one session.  Twelve applications with a dual CoolSculpting system would take six hours of treatment time and a couple more hours of application, removal, massaging, and rest breaks.  It would not be unsafe on the body to do this many treatments, but could be uncomfortable and tiresome for the patient.  In my practice we recommend a maximum of three sessions in one day, which can be done in four hours.  There may be special circumstances for wanting more treatments done at one time but that is something to be discussed with your CoolSculpting provider.  CoolSculpting treatment plans are customized for the individual patient and it is best to find a top provider who has experience.  Practices with high volume may also have special pricing for CoolSculpting.  In my Raleigh NC practice we offer patients Instant Rebates for free CoolSculpting sessions with each session purchased.  This is especially helpful for patients who require multiple treatments to achieve the desired results. 

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Safety of 12 CoolSculpting applicators in one day

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There is not a maximum number of applications that you could have in a single day in regards to safety, but there may be an issue with comfort since it would involve sitting still for a number of hours. Each application does take an hour, but if you were being treated with two or more devices at the same time, you could possibly have two or three applicators applied at the same time and this would decrease the total treatment time. There is certainly no harm in splitting the treatment sessions into different days if this is more convenient for you.

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Multiple procedures

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It takes more than one hour for each procedure per area.  I do not know how you can possibly get 12 different areas done in one day.  That would take more than 14 hours which would not be humanly possible to do.  I would not recommend doing more than 3 hours (3 areas) in one visit.  I have had great results and three areas is tolerable.  We have had marvelous results with the treatment.  Zeltiq is a wonderful technology and we have great results.

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