Is Use of 2 Large Cool Sculpting Panels in 1 Session, with an Overlapping Area, Good Practice and Safe?

I consulted with a local plastic surgeon's office performing cool sculpting. I was seen by an estitician, not the dr. She recommended using 2 large panels to treat lower abs with a small overlapping section just below my belly button, thereby, treating this area twice in 1 session. I am concerned that this would put me at greater risk for post-procedure pain and sensitivity, especially in the overlapping area. I have not heard of anyone else having this done and I wonder if this is a good idea?

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Sounds appropriate

Depending on the patients assessment, overlapping areas can provide excellent results. Some patients will benefit from doing two separate applicators depending on the area that needs improvement. The most important thing is that you are going to a reputable top provider of CoolSculpting. An experienced provider can make the determination based on your fat distribution in order to give you the most fat reduction. Vibrational therapy is also necessary to promote lymphatic response.

Top providers are able to provide areas at buy one get another free. You can visit the CoolSculpting website to find these providers in your area.

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Overlapping large (or small) applicators during a single CoolSculpting treatment can be safe, extremely effective, and is commonly utilized in our practice. A "double-treated" area can respond dramatically to treatment. Most swelling and/or numbness/discomfort resolves completely by 2 weeks, depending on the patient and treatment. Overlapping is the norm in our practice as a way of creating a beautifully sculpted smooth shape when body contouring with CoolSculpt.

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Cool sculpting for abdomen

We have used two treatments - one on the upper abdomen and one of the lower abdomen for the same patient - and some with a minimal overlap- and have great results.  Coolsculpting is a revolutionary technology that removes bulges non-surgically with only one or two treatments.  Please let me know how your treatment progresses and your results.

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Overlapping Large Applicators


I agree with Dr. Stevens that overlapping large applicators on the largest bulge of fat can be quite effective.  You may some more swelling and discomfort in that one area but it resolves in 2 weeks after the procedure.  Some physicians perform stacking where they do two successive large applicators to the same area one after another.  This usually leads to more swelling and can be uncomfortable but once again, does not last forever.


Dr. Liu

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Overlapping applicators

Whether with a larger applicator or smaller, overlapping is not uncommon and is quite safe and effective without any greater risk of discomfort or prolonged recovery. The abdomen is an extremely common area to treat sequentially with applicators placed side by side with a small area of overlap in the middle.  By having the applicators side by side the center of each applicator can be placed at the peak or high point of the fat that we are trying to address.  If you are being seen in a plastic surgeon's office by one of the staff members for a procedure such as Coolsculpting then you should feel confident that the surgeon feels this person has the skills and experience necessary to treat patients at a level that people would expect from such an office.  Good luck.

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