What is the Difference Between VASER Lipo, VASER HiDef, VASER Liposculpture and VASER D2, D3 or D4?

My husband is 62, and has been working out all his life. It has become impossible to get rid of the fat deposits in the groin, flanks and lower abs. And on the outer areas of the chest. We eat well, no salt or suger, do not smoke, drink limited red wine, and move around as much as possible. Would it be safe, at his age, to have one of these VASER versions? Nancy

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Difference Between Vaser Procedures

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Thank you for your question. These are all names being used for the use of the Vaser for fat removal, and some are incorporating a high level of body sculpting using the Vaser to accentuate muscle groups. This technique was started and perfected by Dr. Hoyas from Colombia, despite claims to the contrary by many who have attempted to copy his efforts. Credit is due to the man who started this higher level of body sculpting. There are several. I hope this helps.

Different types of Vaser

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Thank you for your question.

It can be quite confusing to read all these descriptions of this treatment.

Vaser liposuction is a surgical method of liposuction which can allow varying degree of body sculpting. As Vaser utilises ultrasound wave energy it breaks 'mortar' between fat cells, this allows to remove fat previously not accessible by liposuction -very close to skin and close to muscles and even between muscle fibres to repeat natural curves and crevices. Degree of how much musle contour is exposed is reflected in this confusing medical slang. In reality Vaser can really be de-bulking liposculpture - to make a person look better with their clothes on and Vaser High Definition - when maximum muscle contours are exposed-  beach look. The latter is best  for people who already quite slender.

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