What's the Difference Between Compression Garments?

My doctor asked me to wear spanks for 6 weeks after lipo/tummy tuck. He alo provided me a Velcro binder that wraps around my stomach for the first week post op. he wanted me to switch to spanks after that, which I assumed was bc you can see the spanks when I start to go out, but the binder is large and I wear it comfortably outside my shirt. The spanks are hurting my stomach badly so I took them off and put back on the Velcro wrap around. Is that still considered a compression garment?

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Compression garments

Compression garments come in varying tensions and also are made to supply more compression in certain areas versus others.  They should not however be so tight that they are uncomfortable to wear.   I would recommend discussing the issue with your surgeon as he/she may suggest a different style or size for you.  Good luck.

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Compression garments after an abdominoplasty

Every surgeon will have his own protocol about the use of compression garments after surgery.  Possibly you surgeon feels that Spanx are more comfortable.  If it is causing your discomfort then they may be too tight and could cause creasing of your skin.  If you are having problems then call the office. 

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
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What's the Difference Between Compression Garments?

The abdominal binder is a compression device, and will supply support for the TT area and the sides if that was the liposuctioned area. If the thighs were suctioned, obviously the binder will not provide compression there. It is wisest to discuss this with ;your surgeon who know what was done and has followed your recovery. All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
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