What Exactly is the Damon Braces "Philosophy of Orthodontics"?

In reading various posts and articles, I often see that brand of braces brackets don't matter but the orthodontist does - that makes sense to me. But then I see a lot of responses that say Damon braces are a new / different / better "orthodontic philosophy". What exactly is the Damon philosophy of orthodontics and what are the other philosophies used by orthodontists? Thanks.

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It is all about healing

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While I was in Graduate School studying Orthodontics, an instructor said, "Orthodontics is a type of controlled pathology where we institute bone break-down and bone rebuilding at the same time."  Here underlies the magic in orthodontics...how to get the bone to change shape which then allows the teeth to be repositioned in the most efficient means.  Dr. Damon himself says, "If you take one thing from this study....remember this...." and he shows a microscopic view of the capillary bed that lies between the bone and the tooth.  "Do not crush these vessels with heavy forces!  Here is where the magic occurs".  For the bone to re-model, an excellent blood supply is a must.   I am a Damon Doctor and have been for 8 years because I appreciate what can be done with light forces.  The Damon Philosophy incorporates a self ligation bracket, super elastic wires and thoughtful patience by the practioner.  Damon philosophy is not about the bracket it is about the System....  A low friction bracket, light force mechanics and respect for the biologic responses that allow tooth movement.

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The Damon Philosophy of Orthodontics - Fact and Fiction

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Dr. Dwight Damon is a orthodontist from Washington State who developed a self-ligating bracket which theoretically moves teeth with lighter, gentler forces. I say theoretically because there have been many studies showing that conventional bracket systems produce similar movements and results. There is a difference between the Damon bracket (which is just the metal brace glued to the tooth) and the Damon System or Philosophy. The Damon Philiosphy is built around the low friction, low force aspects of his original bracket. Believing that the body responds differently to low forces in low friction brackets, Damon Philosophy doctors claim to be able to treat patients without extracting as many teeth, without using expanders or headgear, and being able to do so in much less time with fewer appointments. For every study published to support this philosophy, there is one that refutes the claims. I use Damon brackets in my office because they are well-designed, attractive brackets that allow consistent adjustments in less time. I approach every patient's problem individually and don't leave the treatment planning to the bracket manufacturer. Damon brackets don't grow extra bone. They do not expand narrow jaw bones. The research also shows that the results obtained are not statistically different than those created with conventional brackets.

Greg Jorgensen, DMD, MS
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