31 Years Old Asian Female with Buck Teeth -Concerns Damon Braces?

Recently,I decided to fix my buck teeth. My teeth are in fairly good shape (see figure). A little crowd but straight. The upper two front teeth are big and outward. I chose Damon braces since the doctor told me that there would be no extraction of teeth, while other doctors recommended me of extraction of four teeth. Before I get my Damon braces, I had some concerns. One of my friend told me that Damon braces might wider my face since it is going to angulate my jaws. Is it true?

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Will Damon braces "Widen the face"

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Damon braces do tend to widen the dental arch form to some degree especially on narrower arches.  You need to talk to your orthodontist about exactly what type of facial changes such as profile or arch width he expects to see.  Make sure that you are getting what you want and ask to see photographs of cases similar to yours that he has personally treated and see if you like the results he was able to accomplish.  In general, the asian profile tends to be more full and looks very nice with a fuller lip position as long as it is not excessive causing lip strain or difficulty in closing the lips.  Some slight proximal reduction (narrowing)  of the teeth can also reduce profile fullness slightly without having to resort to extractions.  Get good answers that you are happy with to these questions before you start. 

Phoenix Orthodontist

Damon Braces should not have any effect on the width of your face.

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Damon braces will not widen your face.  Instead, the braces and the wires may work to broaden your dental arch of teeth giving you a prettier smile.  You can probably get more details about how things might change by speaking with your orthodontist.  You can also ask your orthodontist about what specific things might change as he/she aligns your teeth.  Overall, I think you will be very pleased with the results that are possible with your orthodontist and the Damon System.

Andrew Young, DDS
Fort Worth Orthodontist

The Choice of a Specific Bracket Won't Determine the Shape of Your Face

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While doctors who use the Damon System tend to use an arch form that is wider than average, it is the treatment plan and shape of  the wire and not the specific bracket (or braces) that will determine how wide your smile will be at the end of treatment. Not removing teeth produces wider smiles (for which there is hopefully enough bone) and using wider wires also contributes. Wires with a narrow arch shape will produce a narrow arch, even with the Damon bracket. Conversely, a wire with a wide arch form in any other bracket will also produce a wider smile. Don't worry so much about which braces are being used as you do about your treatment plan. Good luck!

Greg Jorgensen, DMD, MS
Albuquerque Orthodontist

Damon Braces will Enhance Your Facial Features Not Widen Them

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Damon Braces are an excellent choice for you, and properly managed will give you a beautiful broad smile that you are going to love.

For the best results, your orthodontist might elect to re-contour some of your teeth since frequently teeth (especially the lower front teeth) can be a less than perfect shape and size. Reshaping teeth slightly not only makes your smile look more beautiful, but long term studies now suggest that those teeth that have been reshaped have less cavities because they soak up more fluoride. Don't be afraid to let your orthodontist play Da Vinci.

Scott Frey, DDS
Allentown Orthodontist

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