Do Damon Metal Braces Work Better Than Damon Clear Braces? (photo)

I have a narrow V shaped upper arch, will Damon clear braces be sufficient to widen the arch? Or would Damon metal braces be more effective as they are stronger? I would prefer Damon clear, and do not mind if they take a few months longer, however my query is whether a better, wider final result would be achieved with Damon metal braces? I currently have the Damon clear braces on however am considering to change them for metal ones

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Damon Braces

I would not switch Clear for metal based on wanting a wider smile. Both brackets are low friction and are designed to be interchangable in the Damon treatment philosophy. My personal belief is that the clear Damons are more challenging to work with from an orthodontists perspective, being harder to derotate teeth using it, but for the patient you should see ne difference. Enjoy the great esthetics of your clear braces!

Germantown Orthodontist
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The Magic is in the Wires, Not the Braces!

The width and the shape of your arch have nothing at all to do with what bracket you have on your teeth. They are determined by the shape and size of the wires that your orthodontist attaches to your brackets. The amount that your orthodontist can safely widen your arch is limited by the amount and shape of the bone surrounding your teeth. A lot of that is determined by your genetics.

Greg Jorgensen, DMD, MS
Albuquerque Orthodontist

Stay with the Damon Clear (as long as you already have them on)

Rest assured!  Damon bracket systems all work by the same basis, Passive Self Ligation (opposed to traditional elastic ligatured brackets).  The newer "Damon Clear" brackets are beautiful to look at and have smooth contours/corners.  My Damon Clear patients rave about their clarity and comfort on their lips.  Rotation and torque corrections are a little more difficult to accomplish due to the brittleness of the sliding door but in your case, the arch should widen beautifully given the patience necessary to accomplish this task in an adult patient.  Dedicate yourself to long term retention after your hard work!!

Russell Sutliff, DDS
Sacramento Orthodontist

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