What the Best Chemical Peel I Can Use for my Dark Purple Scars Left by Boils? (photo)

Over the years i have had many boils due to being over weight and probably other reason which i do not know about. I have lost some weight and now get less boils. they have always primarily been on my buttocks, inner thighs, and on the side of my legs. they are very embarrasing and hold me back from feeling free. I want to know before the scars get older what peels (phenol, tca, glycolic) and percentage i can use to help reduce and diminish these scars. They are dark purple. Many are Spotting.

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Chemical peels for hyperpigmentation

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It looks like you have post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.  This is very hard to treat with chemical peels as you could cause more hyperpigmentation just from the peel.  You may get mild improvement with a gentle peel such as a Jessner's peel.  However, the best cure is to break out of the cycle of what is causing the lesions (see a dermatologist for oral or topical antibiotic therapy) and allow the older lesions to fade over time.  This happens very gradually (months to years) and takes longer the lower you are on the body.

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