Does the Buttocks Have a Natural Feel and Movement After Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery?

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The buttocks feel natural after a brazilian butt lift

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A brazilian butt lift uses your own fat so it feels completely natural, unlike a buttock implant which can feel too firm

Brazilian Butt Lift Looks And Moves Normally Afterwards

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The beauty of using your own fat for buttock augmentation is that you are simply increasing a tissue layer that is already present. This means that the buttocks will both look and move naturally after surgery. It may initially feel quite firm and tight right after the fat injections but this softens by a month or so after surgery. The issue with buttock fat injections is not whether a natural result will be created but how much of the injected volume will survive and become permanent.

Buttock lift with fat graft injections

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Fat graft injection to the buttock is one technique for buttock lift/augmentation. the other option would be to use gluteal implants. Fat graft injection gives you the more natural look and feel. The volume of fat injected depends on how much fat is harvested and how much will be needed to enhance your buttock. Initial postoperative course your buttock may feel quite swollen and firm, but given time, two to three  months out, you buttock should have a better contoured shape and you would notice more natural curves to your buttock.

Kim-Chi Vu, MD
Portland Plastic Surgeon

Do the buttocks feel natural after buttock augmentation using fat?

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Buttock augmentation using fat transplantation gives you the most natural result in terms of both look and feel. The fat replaces what is essentially missing in the buttock volume. Once the fat takes you don't have to worry about any side effects that implants can be associated with.No one would ever know that you had an augmentation because the buttocks feel so natural. The scars are very small and hardly noticeable. Furthermore using fat allows the surgeon to customize the areas that would benefit from the augmentation including the hips.

BBL feel

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Immediately after the surgery it feels very tight and full.  Many patients really like that because they've had a soft flabby feel for a long time.  Good or bad, it goes away and feels completely natural.  Motion is realistic, as expected.  It is not a very muscular buttock, it is simply made to look as though you were genetically gifted with a great heart or round (depend on where you started) shaped perky rear end.


Ricardo A. Meade, MD
Dallas Plastic Surgeon
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Does the Buttocks Have a Natural Feel and Movement After Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery?

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Yes, it is by far one of the most rewarding procedures for patients and PS because of that reason. Seek a plastic surgeon who performs hundreds of these procedures, has great reviews and photos, and is an expert in this field.

Ron Hazani, MD, FACS
Beverly Hills General Surgeon
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Natural Results After Brazilian Butt Lift

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This is a very common question as patients want the result to last and be natural in appearance and feel if they are going to undergo surgery.

Fat transfer has become so popular because it allows your surgeon to use your own body tissue for the augmentation. After the first several months the buttock will feel and look natural as it is your own body fat.

The results tend to last for years to come if your weight is stable. Just like any liposuction procedure, this does not prevent your body from being able to put on weight.

With the fat transfer patients typically lose about 30% of the fat that is initially transferred, the fat that is present six months post-op will remain as long as your weight is stable. If you lose weight you can lose some of the transferred fat, and if you gain weight you can increase the size of your buttock. The benefit of the fat transfer is that the fat is your own and acts just like the fat in other parts of your body. The benefit of the Brazilian Butt Lift is not only the fat transferred to your buttock but the shape transformation. This new shape will last for years as you will now have more of an hourglass figure than a square shape.

If you are at a healthy weight and maintain that you will be able to enjoy your results for year to come.

The amount of fat needed depends on the shape and needs of each individual patient, however in general at least 500cc per buttock need to be placed to see a significant difference. On average patients typically receive around 800cc per buttock side for a total of 1600cc of fat transfer. However just like a breast augmentation the amount of fat needed various from patient to patient. In your particular case I would put at least 800cc/per side for you.

When considering this procedure it is very important that you have your procedure performed by a board certified plastic surgeon that commonly performs this procedure.

I hope this helps.

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