What is the Minimum Amount of Fat That Someone Needs to Have for a Brazilian Buttlift?

What is the Minimum Amount of Fat That Someone Needs to Have for a Brazilian Buttlift?

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How much fat is needed for a Brazilian Buttlift

As in many plastic surgery procedures, there is no fixed number or volume that is needed for an aesthetic and successful result.  These procedures are dependent on each individual's body type and shape.  The brazilian Buttlift is composed of two beneficial steps: 1. Liposculpture of the regions around the buttock to accentuate and maximize the contours. 2. Grafting purified fat back into the gluteal region.  Even women with minimal fat can benefit from the liposculpture performed around the buttock to improve shape.  A detailed consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon can personalize the perfect surgical plan to attain beautiful, healthy, and natural results. 

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Minimum Amount of Fat for a Brazilian Butt Lift

There is no minimum amount of fat since it depends on how much filling the buttock needs and from how many areas fat can be removed.

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Minimum fat needed for BBL

There is no magic number for the amount of fat that is required for a BBL, the ultimate amount is determined by several factors:

  • the amount of fat that is available for harvesting (the liposuction portion to obtain the fat needed for transfer as well as to contour the remainder of the body
  • the shape / anatomy / tissue and skin quality of the buttocks
  • the desired shape and size

the best way to determine whether or not you are a good candidate is to schedule a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon with experience in this type of procedure

good luck

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Buttock augmentation

Determining the amount of fat for Brazilian Buttlift is hard to say. This will require a comprehensive consultation with the patient. The amount of fat for the buttlift depends on how big you wish to have. Also, this also depends on how much fat your body have to harvest for the fat grafting to enhance your buttock. You may desire to have a FULL buttock, but you do not have enough fat to harvest. Therefore, this will not be a realistic expectation, you may require to go with buttock implants. The most important step is to come in for your consultation so you and your plastic surgeon have a comprehensive consultation and examination to see if you are a good candidate for Brazilian Buttlift via fat graft injection or gluteal implants.

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Minimum Amount of Fat That Someone Needs to Have for a Brazilian Buttlift

The question cannot really be answered.
- How big are you now?
- How big do you want to be?
- How round are you now?
-  What shape would you like to be?

Ultimately, the surgeon has to decide on how much of the fat around the buttocks needs to be removed to highlight the buttocks themselves, which parts of the buttocks need to be augmented with fat transfer and based on YOUR wishes decide how much fat to graft counting that some of the fat will not survive the transfer. Since ethnicity plays a large role on what is considered an attractive rear, obviously a Miami buttock will be different than a Boston or Shanghai buttock.

Your best option is to meet with an experienced Brazilian Butt Lift surgeon and learn your options.

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