Has Anyone Heard About the Columbian Hi Def Buttlift?

It seems that one doctor is doing this procedure as an alternative form of the Brazilian Butt Lift? His before and after pictures look really good and he was featured on the show Doctors. I was wondering if there was any difference or disadvantage of getting a Columbian vs. a Brazilian? He mentioned that he injects fat into the butt muscle as well. Your thought?

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Buttock augmentation performed with fat transfer

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The Brazilian buttock lift  and Colombian buttock lift both use fat  injections to augment the buttock. I have personally been to Colombia and spoke at a plastic surgery conference there and the surgeons do fat transfer just like we do here. The procedure may go by many different names but the results are essentially the same as long as your plastic surgeon uses good technique. Best wishes. Dr.Bruno


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Brazil vs. Columbia

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Answering a question about "Columbian Hi Def Buttock lift"


I had never heard of this but looked it up.  Info provided by the "Doctors" show indicates that this is simply a marketing technique to give a new name to the same type of procedure.  However, it does indicate that the physician featured uses a 'Vaser' lipo (ultrasound assisted) to harvest the fat.  I would not consider using this as the ultrasound waves will damage the fat cells and the last thing you want to do in a case where the fat should be protected and preserved as much as possible for transfer to the buttocks, is to damage it further.  This should negatively affect the results.

Bottom line: the procedure described is the same as a BBL, however the particular technique is not advisable, I personally perform a technique of liposuction to harvest the fat and accompanying stem cells for re-injection to the buttocks for an improved contour and shape of the buttocks and body.  I have personally performed approximately 800 of these procedures with a high patient satisfaction rate.

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