How much does Botox cost for migraine treatment?

Compared to long-term migraines medications, is botox an economical option? What is the success rate of botox for migraines?

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Botox and Migraines

The recent approved dose for chronic migraine treatment with Botox is between 155-190 units.Having myself published both in "Science" and the "NEMJ" on Botox treatment for migraine I rarely use greater than 80 units. Just make sure your physician is familiar in how to use Botox to  treat migraines and has had experience in this area. I myself have use for this indication for over 12 years.

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Botox cost for migraines

Botox can be very successful for treating migraines. It can cost $300 to $600 for the treatment. I prefer to do the full treatmen (2 areas plus trigger areas)t which cost $600. however, I can also often get good results if a patient is on a budget by just treating 1 area plus the trigger areas ($300).Each patient is different as are their headaches. Each treatment session is individualized for the patient. It is best to visit the doctor to plan this treatment session. Often times patients that have Botox for cosmetic reasons have noticed their headache problems have disappeared.

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Cost of Botox for Migraines - it varies!

The first factor for cost is how much the doctor is charging per unit or per area of injection. This can vary widely, depending on the expertise or geographic area.

The second factor for cost is how much botox is being injected. The FDA officially recommends 155 units spread out throughout 7 areas that are though to be "triggers" around the head and neck. More recently, certain doctors like myself have used customized and tailored techniques to inject less Botox into fewer areas, with the same impact. 

Regardless of cost, it is important to see a highly trained injector for your treatment.

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Cost of Botox

Each patient is different in where they get headaches, what areas need to be treated, which affects how much it costs.  Lower price options have been mentioned such as only treating one area or only treating trigger points.  Another alternative is to treat with Xeomin, which is another form of Botulinum toxin, but costs less.  This product is equally effective, but less expensive.  

Track where and when you get your headaches so you can be specific about where you need treatment. Then go to a specialist with your journal so you can get an accurate estimate.

Best of luck

Dr Rodman

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Botox Cost

It depends on your geographical location and individualized needs. At our office we offer a complimentary consultations.


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Botox and migraines... the discovery of the century

I am sorry to hear that you are one of the 30 million people in this country who suffers from this condition.

To answer your question:

The answer is YES, it is cost effective. The treatment last between 3 to 4 months. if you are able to decrease your medications, and not call off work then the upfront extra cost, becomes a very cheap investment.

The most important thing for decreasing excessive botox need is to determine where the headaches are coming from. keep a daily log. In this way you will be injected in the trouble areas, rather than all over the place.

Finally, check with your insurance company. Sometimes they do cover for the medication.

Best wishes.

Botox for migraines.

Botox for migraines have a high degree of success in our office. The number of Botox needed for relief varies from patient to patient. Treatments start at $250. The time needed for relief varies with some patients indicating immediate relief and some patients achieving relief on a delayed basis.

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Botox for migraine

Botox is covered for migraine headache by most of the insurance companies, although the requirements are different. it is pretty successful if you have pure migraine, but some people develop resistance to Botox after multiple injections

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Treatment of Migraines with Botox - Santa Monica

Botox works well for some migraines. The cost will vary depending on how many areas are to be treated. Raffy Karamanoukian Los Angeles

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Botox for migraines

Botox seems to work really well in some patients with migraine headaches, although it is a bit unpredictable as far as some people having great results, others decent results, and others still with minimal improvement. Make sure you see a physician with experience treating migraines with Botox. Typically somewhere between 75-200 units of Botox is used for migraines. It is important to inject any identifiable trigger points. Some of the injection points are similar to that of cosmetic Botox, so there is that added benefit that you'll look better too!  Dr. Benjamin Barankin, Toronto Dermatology Centre.

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