What are the advantages of Teeth Whitening?

I am a 27 year old female who does not smoke and drink. I want to do teeth whitening for my teeth but before this treatment I need to know advantages of teeth whitening. I never done teeth whitening before. so please let me know about teeth whitening process.

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Benefits Of Whiter Teeth

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Research completed at a major university has actually proven the following:

1. Increased Self Confidence. Studies have shown the better we feel about ourselves in front of the mirror, the more confidence we will portray to others when we venture out into the world. When you look good, you will feel good about yourself.

2. Healthier Appearance. When we have a whiter, youthful looking smile it conveys health to others. Studies have shown that a person’s smile is a big influencer in how we are perceived on a first impression. It also shows others you take pride in your appearance.

3. Stand Out In A Crowd. A whiter, brighter smile will draw others attention to you.

4. Increased Business. When a person has a bright, white smile they tell the world they are ready for success. Once you are feeling better about yourself, you will see a boost in work performance as well.

Teeth Whitening Methods

-Teeth Whitening Toothpaste. This method is probably the cheapest and easiest to use. It is easy because it is something we already should be doing every day, at least twice a day….tooth brushing. Many toothpastes now include teeth whitening agents, or strong stain removers to help you achieve a whiter, brighter smile. Unfortunately, teeth whitening tooth pastes have variable results from person to person. If you have very deep staining, these toothpastes may not work as well for you. Long term use may cause sensitivity, so use as directed.

-Teeth Whitening Strips/ Whitening Pens. This method costs a little bit more and can give better results. You can buy a box of Whitening Strips, gel pens or Trays over-the-counter at your local drug store or at the dental office. It is important to Check the expiration date on this product as it does have an effect on the whitening agent. The active teeth whitening ingredients in the strips and pens are the same as dentists use in their professional teeth whitening procedures however, the concentration of the teeth whitening agent in the store bought products is at a much lower level. The lower concentration may not get your teeth to whiten as much as you would like. The other drawback is the strips and pen may be difficult to place and may be messy. The strips must be placed across all the teeth, and cannot be directly applied to one that is stained more. The fit is not great, and they may irritate oral tissues.

-Teeth Whitening With Custom Trays. This method is done through the supervision of your dentist. The whitening trays are fabricated to custom fit your mouth comfortably and allow for an even distribution of the teeth whitening gel across all teeth or only applied to specific teeth. The trays can be worn day or night (even comfortable during sleeping) over a period of one to 4 weeks, and are very convenient for busy schedules. The other advantage is that this type of teeth whitening will use stronger whitening agent. The main disadvantage to this type of teeth whitening vs the at home techniques is that it costs more, and sensitivity may be greater, but the results are better.

-In Office Teeth Whitening. This is the highest cost, fastest, and generally most effective Teeth Whitening option. This procedure is performed by the dentist using a special light and teeth whitening gel. This type of whitening can deliver fantastic results in as little as 1/2 to one hour. This technique utilizes a highly concentrated whitening agent accelerated by heat and light to speed up the Teeth Whitening process.

Henderson Dentist

Advantages of Whiter teeth

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Advantages to whiter teeth are tremendous!  With whiter teeth, your smile will look so much better, which gives you added self confidence in the way you look. This transfers to your attitude toward yourself and others. You like what you see with your whiter teeth and you smile more . This immediately attracts people to you giving you more self confidence.  Sounds silly?  Maybe....but if you think about it, people gravitate to people who smile a lot and are happy with themselves and the way they look! A smile is one of the first things people look at and is a decisive factor in your ability to do your job and socialize with people. It is one of the simplest ways to add a positive change to your appearance. We do Kor Whitening in our practice and it is awesome! Check the product out on the internet! Enjoy your new smile!

Robert Fields, DDS
Van Nuys Dentist

What are the advantages of Teeth Whitening?

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I assume you are referring to the advantages of teeth whitening with bleaching, as opposed to other methods (dental bonding, veneers or crowns).
Advantages too bleaching over others is that it is the least costly method, that no tooth preparation (i.e.drilling) of the tooth is necessary.  Disadvantages is that one cannot predictably determine how white they might get and that usually they will get darker again over time.
Advantages to the other methods is that the results of the whiteness is much more predictable and more color stable (won't revert back to the darker color as often does with bleachingk).  The other methods address fillings which don't whiten with bleaching.  Also, veneers, bonding or crowns can make teeth straight or fill gaps between the teeth without braces, something bleaching can't do at all.

Norman Huefner, DDS
Laguna Niguel Dentist

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What are the advantages of Teeth Whitening

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The advantage of teeth whitening is a more esthetically attractive smile. There are not any great advantages seen beyond the cosmetic benefit but many people find that the cosmetic benefit of a healthier looking more attractive smile does translate to a better self image and more self confidence.

Graham T. Egger, DDS
Federal Way Dentist

Whitening is most economical and easy treatment option

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Whitening is the most economical and easy treatment option to brighten up your smile. It has few side effects like sensitivity but you have to do it often to keep the changes.  The most effective way is to get office whitening with home trays as need basis but sometimes the cosmetic requirements does not meet the desired esthetic goals.

Adnan Saleem, DMD
Frisco Dentist

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