What type of breast augmentation and type of breast implants Kim Kardashian has?

Kim K, Stacey Dash, Draya Michele, and Salma Hayek has the most realistic breast augmentation I ever saw.

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What type of breast augmentation and type of breast implants Kim Kardashian has?

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It is impossible to say. Even if you choose the exact same implant it will not look like that. Each patient has a different chest size and dimensions. Please consult with a board certified plastic surgeon. Best of luck.  


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Impossible to Say

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I agree with the other responses here; it is impossible to say what kind of implant any woman has based on a photo. However, if you bring these photos with you to a consultation, you can discuss your goals with your surgeon. I recommend seeing a board certified plastic surgeon with a lot of breast augmentation experience. He or she will be comfortable with a wide array of implants to get you a specific look.

One thing you might want to mention in a consultation is your preference for a "natural look" and if a moderate implant is a good choice for you. I am only saying this based on your words of "most realistic breast augmentation." Implants come in varying projections, and a moderate implant will give less upper pole fullness, and has a wider diameter. Of course, the ultimate decision will come after a thorough examination, breast measurements, and a lengthy discussion with your surgeon. Some people have too narrow of a chest wall to support a moderate implant. Trust your surgeon, communicate your goals, and you will be happy. Best of luck!

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The answer to this question is that even looking at her photos, it would only be a guess. Every patient has different measurements and so different styles and/or ,profiles of implants will create a different look.

My recommendation is for you to see a board certified plastic surgeon and discuss what #breastaugmentation look you want. Show them the Kardashian photos. He/she will be able to recommend the right implant for you to obtain the same look.( natural, implanted, etc.) Remember however, that every patient is different, and your particular height, weight, skin laxity, breast measurements all are part of the discussion.

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