Are my breasts are considered wide set? Besides a breast lift can fat grafting improved it? What cause the wide set look?

I am a 38dd and I do not look like it due to the gap and lack of fullness in the center. I do not want breast implants.

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Are my breasts are considered wide set? Besides a breast lift can fat grafting improved it? What cause the wide set look

You breasts are wide set because of the width of your sternum, the shape of your ribcage as well as the descent of the breasts. I think a breast lift will help with it but never eliminate it. Fat injections alone will only add size and will not correct the problem.

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Wide set breasts

A proper breast lift (mastopexy) will not only improve significantly the sagging of the breast, but also improve the apparent "gap" when the nipples are elevated.  Fat can be added to improve upper pole fullness, but may not be necessary.  I would consider adding fat later if needed (delaying grafting will also facilitate healing of the lift).  please see attached web reference.  Good luck.

A good bra...inside and out

You may be a good candidate for a dermal suspension, parenchymal reshaping mastopexy that uses your own breast tissue to lift and fill the breasts. It may not make them look may need a push up bra to narrow the gap between. If you like your look when you lift your breasts straight up, then you may just need a lift using your own tissue and avoiding an implant. Make sure you see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Good luck!

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Fat grafting for breast augmentation

Fat grafting can provide more fullness to the breast, however, you may still benefit from having a breast lift at the same time.  I would also say that fat grafting is a reasonable alternative to breast implants if you have a to add a moderate degree of volume to the breast.  If you want add a lot of fullness, then you may want to consider either more than one round of fat grafting, or breast implants.  I would visit with a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss your options in more detail.

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