Will a umbilicoplasty work in my case? (photo)

Naval piercing since 16 yrs old. Now 33 w 2 pregnancies. Kept piercing in for both pregnancies. i am pretty skinny 5'4, 115 lbs. you can see that my belly button area has been stretched. Will an umbilicoplasty work in my case? I don't believe I have enough loose skin anywhere else to really constitute a tummy tuck.

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Will an umbilicoplasty work?

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Your problem is what umbilicoplasty procedures are designed for. They're different for every patient, but it usually involves removing the extra skin and/or scar, and hiding the incision as much as possible. Because you have a piercing above the navel, there would also be a small vertical scar there, but the idea is to trade a scar for all the loose skin and the piercing hole.

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yes I would consider doing an umbilicoplasty for you from the pics that I see.  need a small incision at the superior umbilicus.   you have skin that needs to be removed.  this will create more of an innie belly button.

look for a board certified plastic surgeon for best advise.


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Your photos suggest that there may be  some degree
of Rectus Muscle  diasthesis as part of the umbilical
appearance concern.  A consultation by a board certified
plastic surgeon will be help you identify the anatomical
problem and best option for treatment.
Best wishes.

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