Tense Stomach Muscles After Lipo?

I had abdominal lipo in Nov 2011 and again in June 2012 as part of fat graphing to rebuild my breasts after mastectomy. Since then, my stomach muscles are very very tense and uncomfortable. The only time I do not notice the tension is when I am laying down and the muscles are not engaged. It seems that my stomach wants to suck in all on it's own and I really have to concentrate to try and get those muscles to relax. I sometimes feel better if I wear my compression garment. Ideas on why?

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Tense muscles after lipo

I suggest you see your surgeon again to discuss this issue. It is unusual and may resolve with time, but it's better to see your surgeon just in case.

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Muscle spasms after liposuction - Los Angeles

Muscle spasms can occur after any type of trauma, whether injury or surgery.  An examination will help determine if this is muscle spasm or the tightness of your abdominal muscles. Raffy Karamanoukian, Los Angeles

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Tense Stomach Muscles After Lipo

It is unusual for this to persist for so many months.Ask your surgeon to consider a referral for evaluation by a physical therapist. In my experience they seem to have the most experience in dealing with and resolving  these sorts of issues. All the best. 

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Tense Muscles following Liposuction

Localized edema from your liposuction affects surrounding structures like nearby muscles. Prolonged edema is likely following a repeat surgery and when prolonged and localized is called "induration". Fine scar adhesions may also result in the feeling you describe. The good news is that this almost always resolves. Massage, exercise and "tincture of time" usually helps.

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Tightness after Liposuction

     This tightness is probably the result of scar formation after the second liposuction.  The more liposuction procedures you undergo the more scar that accumulates.  The scar should soften considerably after the first 3 months and should continue to improve for at least the first year.  Massage can improve this sensation and can help break up adhesions and tighter scar formations.

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