My Temporary Crown on the Back Tooth Came Off- Do I Need To Cement Temporarily Until Dentist Visit?

I can see the doctor in two days only because it's a weekend. Can I just wait two days and not to put it back until I see my dentist or I have to glue it with the temporary cement from the pharmacy?

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Loose temp

A quick way to resolve the problem is trying putting it back in yourself to see how it fits comfortably in the mouth. Its like a puzzle piece, it will only fit nicely one way! Once you know they way it goes in, you can place a dab of toothpaste inside and push it on. This will temporarily hold it in place, won't cause any cavities, and also decrease sensitivity to that tooth until you can get into your dentist! Good luck :)

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What To Do if A Temporary Comes Off

If a temporary crown comes off, typically waiting 2 days to see your dentist should not matter. However, sometimes the tooth may be sensitive to hot, cold, sweets, etc. If the tooth is sensitive, then a temporary cement purchased over the counter is an option. A word of caution: try the temporary crown in several times before applying the cement to the interior of the crown. This helps assure that the crown will be properly seated before the cement sets. Clean the excess cement as much as possible and see your dentist as soon as possible. When flossing the area, pull the floss through and not up so as to not dislodge the crown.

Do I need to have my temporary crown recemented

The purpose of a temporary crown is to protect the underlying tooth from fracturing, to prevent tooth sensitivity, to prevent adjacent teeth and opposing teeth from tooth shifting, and lastly esthetics.  In order to protect your investment, I would recommend returning to have the temporary recemented.

Dislodged temp crown

If it fits passively put it back with some temp cement from the drug store to protect the tooth integrity. Clean and dry tooth, don't overload the temp cement.If it does not or you are not comfortable do not put it back. Stay off sugar products and enforce good hygiene for 2 days.

Sandra M. Low, DMD
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Re-cement Temporary Crowns


Temporary crown that came off should be re-cemented by the dentist if it’s going to be more then two days.


If the patient is not sensitive and can wait for couple of days till they see their dentist its OK, but anything longer then that can cause the adjacent teeth to shift and the bite to alter. For patients who can’t tolerate the pain if the temporary falls out, placing the temporary back carefully with a drug store cement can buy them time till they see the dentist, however, they need to bite down to make sure the temporary crown is in proper position so as to not cause bite discomfort or fracture under pressure.


Arthur Kezian, DDS
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Cementation of Temporary Crown

If you can fit the crown on and bit down comfortably then you can put it in place with dentucreme or a temporary cement from the pharmacy.  It is important that it is fit in properly and you don't use excess cement that could cause a gum problem or have the crown sit too high and casues a problem with your bite.  You can call your dentist and seek their advice.  If it doesn't hurt then it may be OK just to leave it off for a few days.  However, teeth can shif quickly if temporary crowns ore off for more than a few days causing the permanant one not to fit.


Lawrence Singer, DMD
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Temporary crown

I would recommend to wait to have the dentist recement the temporary crown if it is a matter of a couple of days wait. Make sure you are very carefull with oral hygiene. Be gentle when chewing on that side.

Antoaneta Barba, DDS
Santa Ana Dentist
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Recenting Temporary Crown

Temporary crowns are important to have until the final crown is cemented for several reasons.  The temporary crown helps keep the prepared tooth clean from plaque and decay, prevents other teeth from shifting towards the prepared tooth, and also maintains the correct position and contour of the gumline.  If the temporary crown falls off before your next appointment, be sure to notify your dentist and get it recemented asap.  If you can't see your dentist til 2 days later, it should be okay but be sure to brush and floss frequently to keep it clean.  All the best, Dr. Elizabeth Jahanian.

Elizabeth Jahanian, DDS
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What to do with a temporary crown

The temoprary should be placed ASAP.  Even if you do nto have sensitivity, or it does not show.

Teeth can shift, brake and be hurtful if their temporary falls out.  waiting over the week end, is not going to cause too much harm, but waiting even a week can cause irreversible damage. Be gentle with it on the wek end, and see your dentist on Monday .

Soheyla Marzvaan, DDS
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Temporary crown fell off?

A temporary crown is made for several reasons. It protects the tooth (and patient) from sensitivity, it allows the patient to still have something to chew on, it makes the tooth look better while waiting for the permanent crown, and it keeps the tooth in the proper place.

Most patients don't mind some slight sensitivity, or the "look" especially when talking about a back tooth. The biggest problem from the dentist's perspective is if the tooth moves, even slightly, this can affect the fit of the permanent crown between the neighboring teeth. Two days should not be a problem, but if possible the crown should be put back on the tooth, and the area should be avoided when chewing until you can see your dentist.  Please avoid pharmacy temporary cement, as this tends to be used in too-thick layers which can alter your bite and create a different set of problems, but a very small bit of toothpaste could be used to hold the temporary in a for a few days.

Good luck! 

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