Temporary Crown Extending Past Gum Line?

I had a temporary crown placed today. The dentist shaped and shaved the tooth underneath for the crown and really ate into my gum line in the process. When the temporary was placed and the numbness wore off I noticed that the temporary crown extends significantly into the gum line. Is this normal? Will the permanent crown to the same? Is this healthy for my gums? Please help. Any advice would be appreciated.

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Temporary Crown Below the Gum Line...this a problem?

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If there was decay or fracture below the gum line, the dentist would have to extend his preparation below the problem area so that the problem area is covered by the temporary crown and permanent crown.  Many crowns and temporaries are below the gums.  This is usually not a problem unless the tooth preparation, temporary and crown are very close to the bone level under the gum (something called "biologic width"). 

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Minor gum irritation

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While ideally there is no temporary material on the gums, it CAN happen.  If the temporary is only for a week or two, it isn't the end of the world.  The gums can be irritated, but that is about all.  If left there for months, it can create recession that may remain after the permanent crown is placed.


The permanent one will not likely be like this.

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