What is the Best Teeth Whitening if You Have Two Front Caps?

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Crowns can not be whitened

Unfortunately, crowns, veneers, and bonding material can not be whitened.  Only the natural tooth structure is affected by whitening products.  If the shade of your front crowns is really bothering you, you can have the crowns replaced.  But you should whiten your teeth to achieve the shade you want before you replace your front crowns so the new crowns match your desired shade.  Best, Dr. Elizabeth Jahanian.

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Crowns and Veneers will not whiten with bleaching

If you want your crowned two front teeth a different (whiter) color, replacement is the only option.  All bleaching products affect enamel and dentin only, so you may want to consider whitening all of the other teeth and then replacing the crowns to the new shade.

Lance Timmerman, DMD, MAGD
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Do whitening first then eval the crowns.

If the crowns are too yellow then replace them only after you've done the Zoom whitening. Crowns will not lighten with any bleaching products that are out there..

Michael J. Thomas, DDS
Los Angeles Dentist
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Bleaching teeth with crowns

Unfortunately if your front teeth are more than 5-10 years old.  Your previous dentist may not have had the foresight to anticipate you wanting to have whiter or brighter teeth in the future.   Or  if he had, in has not been until recently that the dental labs developed porcelains that can match the new whiter colors.    Either way  if your crowns are darker than your natural teeth, you can not brighten them without replacing them.    We try to always laser bleach and take home tray bleaching prior to any crowns or veneers being placed.  This service is part of the overall treatment and will long term keep your smile whiter and brighter.  have a great day hope this helps

Richard Sprague, DDS
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Tooth whitening does not affect the crown.

Teeth Whitening does not affect the Crown or any other restoration. If the crowns are whiter than the other teeth, It is better to get the whitening with home whitening system to control the shade of the natural teeth and do not make them whiter than The crowns. if the crowns are darker than normal teeth , you have better consider some other options ,like veneers or Bondings.

Bruce Vafa, DDS
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Whitening Options If You Have Crowns, Fillings in Front Teeth

Since you have crowns on your two front teeth (I assume you have no other restorations or fillings in your front teeth), you have a few things to consider before whitening.  Do you like the appearance of the crowns?  Are they white enough?  If the crowns are darker in color than you prefer for your whole smile, you might want to consider whitening all of your natural teeth to a point where you are happy with their whiteness or shade.  You will have left the crowns behind in shade, though, because crowns won't whiten.  Then - once you have reached the ideal shade - replace the crowns to match your nice white teeth.

Susan Goode Estep, DMD
Atlanta Dentist
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