What is the Best In-office Dental Whitening Procedure?

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Re: Best In Office Whitening Treatment

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During the last ten years, i have experimented with many different whitening systems from Zoom to Deep Bleaching, trying to find the one best suited for my patients. The one that seems to deliver the best results with the least amount of sensitivity, is the Sapphire Professional Whitening System. We use the light along with the bleaching gel which brings the teeth up an additiional 2-5 shades whiter and faster.  The bleach is thick and stays stable in the trays and does not drip over the gums.  There seems to be less complaints regarding sensitivitiy and the light does not emit harmful UV Rays or heat as the other lights do...it is not cheap but it works!

Van Nuys Dentist

Best Tooth Whitening Procedure

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As Dr. Timmerman mentioned, the best teeth whitening results are most often obtained with a combination of in-office and take home trays being used.

Sheila Brush, DDS
Gaithersburg Dentist

The BEST whitening technique for teeth is...

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It depends upon what your current color is, and whether you have any other restorations in your front teeth as well. Crowns and fillings will NOT bleach any lighter. Therefore, for the 35% of the population that has restorations in their front teeth and bicuspid area, probably a home bleaching tray would be best.

If you are youthful and your teeth are yellow but not grey or purplish, then the ZOOM works pretty good and quick. I haven't used the KoR whitening system but we have used others and ZOOM seems to have the least sensitivity for the price.

Randall LaFrom, DDS
San Jose Dentist

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Best whitening comes from a combination of systems

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In office whitening alone is often not enough to satisfy, but when used with take home systems and done more than once, the results can be amazing.  Often called "deep bleaching" or "extreme whitening", the KoR whitening system seems to be superior to others.

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