How to Keep Composites White?

I have 2 composites on the corners of my 2 front teeth, and 1 in the bottom row towards the back. I'm still confused about my options for keeping them white. I just used some over-the-counter whitening strips and I know they are not supposed to work on composites, but they did either whiten them, or the composites just have not become stained yet (they are about 7 months old), because all my teeth look pretty white now. n the future, if I get my teeth whitened professionally in a dental office, will it keep my composites white?

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Composites and whitening

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Whitening products, whether dentist office or over the counter, don't work on composites - only teeth. It's hard to believe composites would get really stained in just 7 months, but be careful with the whitening, since you could bleach the natural teeth so light that they no longer match the color of the  composites. 

Cleveland Dentist

Avoid these things to keep your bright smile

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Avoid brushing hard with abrasive toothpaste and drinking acidic drinks as both will cause porocity, allowing stains to settle in. Some times a dentist can repolish, removing the stain.

Benjamin S. Fiss, DDS
Chicago Dentist

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