Teeth Reshaping with Invisalign, do I do this Before or After Permanent Retainer is Put on?

I am in my final tray of invisalign for my top teeth and on tray 15 of 17 for my bottom tray. I want to have my teeth shaped to an even length because one front tooth is longer than the other. Plus, I always thought shaped even teeth are beautiful. My question is do I get the shaping done before my refinement trays or after the permanent retainer is put on my teeth to hold them in place?

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Shaping teeth for cosmetics after invisalign

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In my opinion shape the teeth after invisalign but before retainers are fabricated.  You could always do it after retainers but that would be counterproductive.

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Shaping Invisalign Teeth

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I would suggest shaping the teeth AFTER the refinement trays, but BEFORE the final retainers.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
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Timing of shaping is not critical

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In an ideal world, sure, shaping first is best.  However, as long as you are taking tooth structure away, it won't matter.  The teeth will still fit in the retainers.


It is different if you choose to ADD to the teeth.  Then the retainers won't fit.

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