How Much is an Average Cost for a Single Tooth Denture to Put in my Invisalign Tray?

Also my ortho did not suggest this so I figure she doesn't not order denture teeth. I don't think my family dentist does dentures either. What is the average cost of one tooth ?

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Denture teeth in Invisalign tray can be a challenge

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The easiest thing to do would be place filling material or acrylic in the missing tooth space.  A denture tooth works as well, but can be a challenge going from tray to tray.  Few have mentioned that popping them in and out was effective or convenient, often they need to be secured to each aligner.  If they are secured very well to the tray, they are difficult to remove.

$30-50 per tooth should be expected, but you may need to purchase more than one if one gets stuck in a tray or damaged from tray to tray.

While your orthodontist or dentist may or may not do dentures, they certainly can order the item as needed.

Denture tooth for Invisalign tray

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The question for you is: were the Invisalign trays made before or after the missing tooth was extracted?

If the trays were made to fit over a tooth that is no longer there, then it is an easy fix to flow the right color of denture tooth into the space.  If the tray dips down to the gum and back because the tooth was missing when the tray was made, then it may be more expensive and less durable to replace the tooth as an after thought.  A "mid-course correction" could make the problem easy to fix, but at an extra cost to the dentist.

Single Tooth Denture tooth for Invisalign Tray

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I always use tooth-colored acrylic to fill in the space in the invisalign tray. I include that service as part of the total Invisalign fee. That should have been discussed with the Invisalign doc BEFORE starting treatment. A denture tooth shouldn't cost more than $50. The problem is, it will have to be secured and removed from each tray as you progress.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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