Braces - When Will Teeth Be Fixed?

I got 4 teeth removed this and last week. Starting next week when bleeding stops, I will get the braces on the other parts. But I just want my teeth to be fixed so I that I don't feel to self conscious of going to theatre plays or talking to girls, this is freshman year haha. When will you think my teeth will be fixed? in the next 2 years or 3?

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Your orthodontist is the expert in telling you how long treatment will take.

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From the picture you sent it appears you have a complex bite problem. When teeth have to be removed to correct crowding it is rare for treatment to take less than 18 months. In very severe cases 30 months may be required. You can help shortern treatment time by keeping all your appointments and following all the instructions about caring for your braces .Your orthodontist is the expert, so ask him or her for a "best estimate" of treatment duration.

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