Teeth Bands Versus Invisalign for Gap Between Front Teeth?

Why would invisalign be a better option for straightening a gap between two front teeth over teeth bands? (http://www.teethgap.com/) Is it important to consider the alignment of the other teeth as well during a teeth straightening process? Will other teeth shift in an undesired way that may cause problems later on with the use of the bands?

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Closing a gap with Invisalign

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Bands will work to close a gap between your front teeth. The unwanted effects of these may be that the angle of the teeth is not right after closing the gap. Also, you may hit your lower front teeth against the backs of the upper teeth when done with the band. Lastly, how will you keep the gap closed in the future? You may end up having to wear the bands long term to retain the space closure. That is bad for your gums and can cause bone loss and gum recession. Invisalign is a refined and controlled method to handle all these unwanted side effects. It cost more, but the results will be worth it in the long run.

East Aurora Dentist

The bands will not correct your problem

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Invisalign will efficiently and effectively correct a gap between your front teeth. The bands will not- it only tips the teeth and does not move the root, which is an unstable movement. 

Zach Casagrande, DDS, MS, PC
Ashburn Orthodontist

Teeth bands- are they acceptable for space closure vs Invisalign

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Be very careful on this one as there have been some very sad results from unsupervised and even supervised use of teeth bands( which have included tooth loss).  A space can be closed, but the results generally are a trade off of space in another place or a bite problem or even a twist due to inadequate control of the tooth movements.   Invisalign gives good control of all movements and is removable for cleaning and eating and gives much better results in a far safer manner then teeth bands.  Have a Invisalign dentist do a consult on your case and he  can do a digital display facilitated by the company of the end results and the tooth movements.  It is very educational.

Buyer Beware

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You need to tread very carefully when considering OTC methods to treat real dental issues.  There is very little, if any, independant research to verify the safety and efficacy of so many dental products I see sold online.  I have seen patients in my office that have suffered negative consequences from self-treatment using these types of products.  If you want to move forward with treatment, first you need to diagnose why you have the gap.  If you have a muscle attachment that passes through the gap, that must be removed if you plan to keep the gap closed after movement of the teeth.  Second, if you want to close the gap using "bands" you should consider a removeable appliance that acts as an anchor and keeps the elastics in the correct position so they work properly.  This appliance must be worn 23 hours a day (1hour out to eat) for approximately 3 months AFTER the space(s) are fully closed then may be slowly cut back to eventual night wear for retention purposes.  If compliance is an issue, you can consider conventional fixed braces or Invisalign type aligners to correct your issue although they will be more expensive.

I hope this helps to clarify your situation.

Gary Nack, DDS
Philadelphia Dentist

Bands to close spaces

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If you are referring to placing an elastic between the front two teeth without the supervision of an orthodontist, it is areally bad idea.  You have no control with these elastics, and the other teeth will certainly move.  Invisalign is a way to close spaces in a controlled, slow, safe manner.  You will also need to consider a retainer to keep the space closed once treatment is completed.

Michael Minars, DMD
Miami Orthodontist

Teeth bands are below the standard of care

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People can self administer anything they want, but it is considered unsafe for dentists to use teeth bands. Unsupervised use has lead to loss of teeth, as the bands often migrate down the roots of teeth. Patients are often blissfully unaware until too late, and any savings in money is negated as the expense to replace teeth is much higher. Dentists using these are often inexperienced and are unaware of the risks. I would strongly advise against it.

Elastic bands to close gaps between teeth!

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Why don't you take out your own kidneys as well?

Self administered health care should be limited to trimming toe and finger nails!

Anyway elastic bands to close gaps?

Ask yourself this question; if the elasticky band can bring 2 front teeth together, then you end up with a space on either side of the front teeth; what will you do with these? maybe use longer elastics for the new spaces?

Eventually you will run out of elastics and the front space will have been transferred to the sides.

You get 1 set of adult teeth, so look after them, and treat them right with p[roper orthodontics..............and not veneers! 

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