Are These Tear Troughs and What Can I Get Done? (photo)

Recently in my teen years Ive started to examime my face more and noticed these thin lines under my eyes that run from the corner of the eye (near the nose) to the area around my cheekbone. I thought these were tear troughs but when I look at other photos, these lines dont go right below the eyes in a moon shape. I dont know what they are, and I know I shouldnt be worrying about this because im a teen. Well I would just like to be informed, are there any options?

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Tear trough implants might have been a fine answer 15 years ago.

Now the state of the art for addressing a mid face issue like your is with hyaluronic acid fillers.  The services can last well over a year and can very comfortably placed during an office visit. The product is placed by injection and the most popular products contain local anesthetic.  This makes placement even more comfortable.  If there is an issue with service the product can be modified with an injection.


I have worked extensively with tear trough implants of various sorts.  Generally these low profile implants provide only modest be benefit for the risk and effort needed for surgical placement.


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Tear troughs are genetic

Different people age in different ways from an early way.  Some patients will look tired and wrinkled under their eyes, others in their nasolabial folds.  Much of these differences are genetic.  If these lines bother you then you can get injected with fillers like Restylane and Juvederm.

You should consult a trained board certified dermatologist for a consultation.

Restylane and tear troughs

Yes, those are "tear troughs" and can be treated with a dermal filler to help lessen the severity of the trough. Consulting with a reputable, well-trained, and experienced provider is your best first step.

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HA fillers can be used

Tear troughs can sometimes be genetic or apparent at an early age. HA fillers can be injected into the cheeks/tear troughs to smooth any pronounced hollowing. Conservative and gradual addition of fillers can help to enhance this area with minimal risk if done by a trained professional. 

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What is a tear trough

Tear troughs don't have to be a complete half moon shape, and often, they start out more in the shape you have now, and become more and more defined over the years. Hyaluronic acid fillers would be the procedure I would recommend, like Restylane, done by a board-certified injector. Additionally, make sure you wear sunscreen, every day, and start making this a habit!

Tear troughs are the hollow below the eyelid "bags" and above the cheek prominence

These are not usually an issue until the 30's or 40's. The actual anatomic cause is still being debated even among experts. However, in a young person, it's often due to flat cheekbones.

There are a number of treatments. Fillers are easiest and have little to no downtime. Sometimes implants to augment the bones can help in a young person with flat bones. In older patients, surgery such as blepharoplasty with fat respositioning into the tear trough is often the answer.

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Tear trough regions

Tear troughs are areas along the medial aspect of the orbital-cheek junction that looks flat of hollow. Thet can be genetic as a young adult but with age, most peoples' tear troughs become more prominent.

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HA fillers to Tear Troughs

    Hyaluronic acid fillers (there are several that can suffice) can be used to subtlely improve the tear trough area in younger patients.

Tear troughs in young people

Yes, there are tear troughs.  Many young people have them, which is congenital in nature. The best treatment would be filler injection, namely either Restylane or Belatero.  See an oculoplastic or facial plastic surgeon.

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Tear troughs in adolescence

Yes, those are tear troughs and they will appear worse if you do not get enough sleep, smoke, eat excessively salty foods, etc. They are nothing to worry about and are likely congenital in origin. When you get older, if they disturb you, they can be treated with Restylane but this requires regular followup injections. I am sure that you have other things to do with your money besides tear trough implants (like a car or college) and would not consider this a high priority based on your photos. Best of luck!

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