Is there any way to make a belly button shrink or become more round after a tummy tuck? (photo)

Since my surgery I've noticed my belly button appears very long and u don't like it. I'm now 6 weeks post op. Is it possible that it will shrink?

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Belly button after tummy tuck

  • You need to wait 6 months after surgery before having any revision,
  • The photo suggests you may have had some slow healing in this area, making it look longer,.
  • This may improve a lot with time.  

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Belly button shape after tummy tuck

Thank you for your picture. Your bellybutton shape looks pretty good. I'm sorry that you're not satisfied.  It is unlikely shape will change to a round shape at this point. 

Earl Stephenson Jr,MD DDS FACS

Is there any way to make a belly button shrink or become more round after a tummy tuck?

Best to allow 6 months healing time than consider a minor revision.. But a before posted photo would help. 

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Belly Button Appearance after your Tummy Tuck

Each belly button has a different shape and each surgeon has a different technique to create the new belly button. It is possible that the shape may change as you continue to heal. If you are unhappy with the shape/size of your belly button, make sure to discuss this with your surgeon at your routine post-op visit so he/she can address your concerns and revise it if necessary. 

Matthew Schulman, MD
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6 Weeks post op belly botton not good.

Many thanks for the question.Its a perfect shape at 6 weeks for the belly botton.A long vertically shpaed belly botton is a sign of yound age while a long horzontally palced  is a sign of older age.

I therefore thinking its a very good job and will improve in time.

Belly Button Concerns Post Tummy Tuck

The erythema or redness of the scar around the belly button is making the size and shape more conspicuous.
Be patient, give it time (months), use scar therapies (silicone patches, mederma) and consult your surgeon.
If after one year you are still not satisfied, you may be a candidate for a revision of your belly button.

George C. Peck, Jr, MD
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