Will a TCA Peel Work to Get Rid of Xanthelasma on my Eyelids?

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Xanthelasma and syringoma removal in Los Angeles _ TCA peels

Xanthelasma can be treated with hyfrecation or surgery, which have long term success in removal.  I would not attempt TCA peels for xanthelasma in my Los Angeles practice. 

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Xanthelasma on eyelids treated with TCA Peels

In my experience, I have found excision to benefit patients with xanthelasma for long term removal and reduction of recurrence. Peels, lasers, and dermabraision of these lesions rarely provide for permanent reduction or removal. Even with surgery, these will quite often have a small area of recurrence.

Seek the expert advice of a Board Certified Facial Plastic or Occuloplastic Surgeon before embarking on treatment of these troublesome lesions. This will give you peace of mind and quite often they can show you photos of patients with long term follow up.M.Lyons,MD

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TCA peels to get rid of xanthelasma on eyelids.

35-45% TCA applied by your doc to the xanthelasma directly will remove them but often need 1-3 sessions a month apart. A much better way is to have your doc saucerize (shave excision) them out at 1 procedure under local anesthesia and allow them to heal in on their own.  This heals beautifully with almost no trace of the xanthelasma at all for roughly $350-500.  Sincerely,

David Hansen,MD

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