Is TCA Peel Safe for Asian Skin?

Specifically 15% TCA Peel.

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A light TCA peel may be appropriate for asian skin

A light TCA peel may be appropriate. A pretreatment with a skin lightening agent such as kojic acid and hydroquinone should be done 4 - 6 weeks prior to a light peel. A test area is also advised to determine if the depth of the peel is appropriate for your skin type. Go slow and be cautious.

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TCA peel for Asian skin

When applied appropriately, lighter TCA peels can be safe and effective in Asian skin. In general, I would not use TCA stronger than 20% in Asian skin. Even with the ligher solutions (10%), there is still an associated risk of (usually) temporary darker, blotchy pigmentation and scarring (very unlikely but still possible, particularly with the 20%). You simply need to be aware of this possibility. Since you have never had a 15% TCA peel before, the solution should be neutralized a little earlier in the event that your skin is particularly sensitive to the chemical peeling agent.

Good luck.

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