When Doing a TCA Peel at Home, How Long Should You Keep the Solution on Face?

I had my first tca peel done by my dermatologist today. she put the solution on and of course the burning started immediatly. I could only stand it for about 25 seconds. With the peel being 35% will such a short time have a good result. Doctor didn't mention frosting to me so i don't know if i did. thx

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TCA peels at home

First of all, a TCA peel should never be applied at home. It doesn't matter how experienced you are with receiving chemical peels, or even if you are trained and licensed to apply them. This is a medical chemical peel and should ONLY be done in a doctor's office.

Secondly, 25 seconds for a 35% TCA peel should be sufficient. The skin should frost over almost immediately even if the dermatologist didn't say anything. You should experience the peeling you are looking for, but you need to give it several days to start doing so.

Most importantly, TCA peels are not anything to take lightly. You need to be under the supervision of a doctor while going through the process. There are always risks with doing strong TCA peels, so it makes sense to only have a medical professional apply the peel and to follow up with after the peel for proper post-peel protocol and to address any concerns you may have. Good luck!

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35% TCA peel should NOT be a Do It Yourself Project

Although some of us are both good and crazy enough to take out our own appendix and other sundry needless appendages, in general, doing so is a pretty stupid idea. In my opinion, do it yourself kits for "Plastic Surgery" fall in the same category.

Even if you were trained in chemical peels and have done over a hundred of them, do you really know how you would react when you apply the acid to your own face? Is someone else going to be there in case the acid runs toward you eye? Are you confident that you can apply an even coat everywhere to avoid a patchy look?

When it comes to important things in life, few of us can afford buying cheap.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
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TCA peels are not time dependent

First off, you shouldn't be doing TCA peels at home.  Leave that to medical professionals. 

TCA peels are applied until the desired level of frosting is achieved.  Unlike a glycolic acid peel, TCA peels are not time dependent.  The amount of peeling with TCA is more correlated to amount and concentration of the TCA being applied. 

Brent Spencer, MD
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