Not Peeling from TCA Peel Mean Immunity to Treatment?

I have had 3 TCA Chemical Peels done so far, and the last one didn't even burn nor did it peel. Does this mean I am immune to it now?

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Not peeling from TCA Peel

No.  Depending on the conditdion of the skin at the time of the peel less visible peeling may occur despite equal strength of the peel and similar skin preparation with subsequent peels.  Treatment techniques however vary from one medical office to another and therefore there can be some difference in treatment effects with the same type of peel.

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Chemical peel

Peeling from TCA peel is extensive when done as medium depth peel at 30% and left till frosting is very white.

Tca peel depend on the strength, the PH, and how many layers was it applied

See your Plastic Surgeon.

Samir Shureih, MD
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TCA peels and depth of peel

This means that the peel may need to be stronger or it may be an indication that you underwent satisfactory exfoliation of the skin. Higher strength peels may extend deeper into the skin but should be administered and monitored by experienced individuals.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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