Could a TCA Chemical Peel Cause Larger Pores?

I had a TCA peel 25%, done by myself. I applied 2 coats and didn't noticed any frosting, however I rinsed it and used a neutralizer formula (baking soda + purified water). Today is day 8, and I only noticed some flaking on my chin and forehead, however my pores are larger than ever.

I've been using the antibaterial ointment and 30SPF sunblock.

Does it sound like I did something wrong when I applied the TCA? Any ideas why my are pores sooo large now?

Please help

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TCA chemical peel should not cause enlarged pores

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The only scenario I can think of that may lead to perception of worsening enlarged pores after chemical peel may be the post-op cleanser or emollient that may be too comedogenic for your complexion. Ideally medium to deep chemical peel should be performed under supervision of board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon.

Haven't noticed larger pores from TCA Peel

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In my experience, TCA hasn't led to larger appearing pores. Several thoughts could be that you are noticing them more, or that a severe TCA peel with scarring might lead to pores. However, in your case, it doesn't sound like you even acheived frosting, a key part of the TCA peel. It doesn't sound like you did anything wrong at all. If it is truly a case of enlarging pores with this peel, definitely avoid doing it again and perhaps change over to 20% glycolic acid peels, or even a 10-12% glycolic acid toner.

A 25-35% TCA peel by itself is considered a superifical peel, and, if done well, would possibly minimize pore appearance over time. One caveat, it is very difficult to reduce pore size and there is NO perfect treatment. Possible options are retin A, laser resurfacing, and repeated glycolic acid peels / microdermabrsion.

Don Mehrabi, MD
Beverly Hills Dermatologist

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