Tattoo Removal Benzo a Pyrene?

Hi I desperately want to get a fairly large black tattoo that I recently got on my forearm lasered. My worry,after researching it a lot is that many black inks are found to contain the potent carginogen benzo pyrene.Im aware that the ink can collect in the lymph nodes and stay in the body but is this amount of benzo pyrene generally found in the inks so small it probably isn't worth worrying about.I certainly don't want to swap a cosmetic problem for an even bigger health problem. Thanks.

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Health problems with tattoo removal

Although it is possible your tattoo ink contains benzo(a)pyrene, not all black inks do.  The inks made from soot, like burning wood or styrofoam and collecting the smoke/soot and then making black ink from it, as is frequently done in homemade or prison tattoos, are likely to contain harmful substances.  In all likelyhood you consume more of these substances if you eat meat cooked on a grill or over coals than you would be exposed to if you have your tattoo treated.  That being said, no one can tell you anything for certain, but I believe if you have the ink in your body you are already exposed to the harmful substance if it was in the ink, treating it won't make things worse...

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