Why Am I Still Very Swollen and Bruised 32 Hours Post-Op?

I Had Ellanse Filler in my Cheeks and Cheekbone Area About 32 Hours Ago and It is Still Very Swollen and Bruised. I had Ellanse injections yesterday and now I am very worried. I look quite terrible. Very swollen face with is very wide and flat and one side's cheek appears fuller than the other side. How long before this goes down. I am terrified they gave me too much 1ml on each side, but I was pretty firm and in good nick to begin with, I had just lost some curve to my cheeks. How long before this goes down and if it is still awful after that, can anything be done to remove it. Thanks

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Swelling after filler injections

I have no experience with the particular filler that you mentioned, but swelling can sometimes peak 2-3 days after filler injections. I would let everything settle out for at least two weeks. Make sure you let your doctor know about your concerns and go in sooner if the swelling worsens.

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