Is Swollen Pubic Area After Tummy Tuck Permanent?

After 4 weeks, I am still swollen but I am concerned that around my pubic area is more swollen and look kinda high. Will that go away or stay like that? I have heard different things just want a opinion.

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Swollen mons pubis (pubic area) after tummy tuck is common

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This area is one of the last areas following tumy tuck to subside. It is very common to experience long term swelling in this area that may take up to 3 months to subside. Use of supportive and compression exercises with gently ambulation may help expedite resolution of swelling.

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Not permanent

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It's not permanent. Trapped fluids from your tummy tuck are settling in your pubic area. With time this will go away and will return to normal. Things that help swelling, like wearing your compression garment, will help.

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Swelling not permanent if related to fluid accumulation

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Any swelling that occurs after surgery is usually temporary and will go away in a few months, although the majority should resolve within a few weeks. Wait about 6 months then if the area is still swollen, you may need to see your surgeon for a followup to discuss that issue. It could be that the skin was pulled up during your surgery, repositioning your pubic area higher up and fat wasn’t removed from that area, giving it the swollen appearance you describe.

Tummy tuck and the pubic area?

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Thank you for the question.

Since you are only 4 weeks out of surgery some degree of swelling may explain the prominence of the pubic area.

You are correct however that for many patients undergoing tummy tuck surgery the pubic area may be an area of concern. This area may be large ( prominent) , ptotic (low), or deflated.  Therefore, I think it is important to address the pubic area when performing the tummy tuck surgery.

When planning the tummy tuck incision it is possible to keep the incision  low enough that it serves to “raise” the pubic area to some degree.  I like to plan this incision when patients are wearing the “cut” of swimming suit that they plan to wear after the surgery.

During the  tummy talk procedure the pubic area may then be “lifted” and/or defatted ( either directly or with liposuction) as  the specific patient's needs indicate.  Care is taken to avoid over thinning  the area since some coverage of the pubic area is important (for example for padding during intercourse).

Drains are often brought out through hair bearing areas.

You are also very correct in that if the pubic area is not treated during the tummy tuck procedure it may be a source of  dissatisfaction afterwards. Revisionary surgery may be necessary to treat the area.

I hope this helps.


Swollen pubic area after Tummy Tuck

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A few things may be going on - It may be swelling that can last several months, but I do not think this is the issue. More likely, as the tummy tuck was done, your pubic area was lifted which is normally fuller. This can give the appearance of what you are describing.

The ways to avoid this is to perform liposuction of this area at the time of the tummy tuck. For more significant pubic fullness, a formal "monsplasty" or pubic lift/reduction may be needed. Your problem may be easily improved with liposuction, but I would recommend waiting until 6 months after the surgery so that any swelling that is there goes away.

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