Can I Switch from Invisalign to Metal Braces?

I am on tray 5 or 23 for my invisalign. I just noticed how inconvinient they are for me. I am a runner and I need to be eating a lot more times a day than I have time for. I cannot maintain a healthy diet with invisalign as I could with regular braces. Can I make the switch? Will it cost a lot?

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Can I Switch From Invisalign to Conventional Braces

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Switching from Invisalign to conventional braces is never a problem. Whatever Invisalign can do, braces can also do. Your biggest concern will be cost. Your dentist/orthodontist will probably discount the Invisalign since you aren't finishing but his or her out-of-pocket expense has already been paid to Invisalign to make your aligners. The only savings to your dentist at this point is overhead from your future visits. You should probably expect a slight discount off the Invisalign fee and then charged full price for conventional braces which is typically a little less than the Invisalign fee.

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Change from invisalign to braces

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It will cost more to do so for the obvious reasons. Best to talk to your Dr and see what you both decide. Sometimes the initial newness wears off and the big deal of changing could give it a little more time and try to adjust. You can alway change but it will cost you added dollars

Jacqueline Demko, DDS, MSD
Chesterfield Orthodontist

Switching from invisalign to conventional braces

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You can always switch to regular braces but your biggest deterrent may be the cost to switch.  Your dentist has already invested significantly in your treatment by using invisalign so I would discuss your concerns with your dentist and see what they say.

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