Single Tooth Pain with Aligner?

I am 3/4 of the way through my fourth set of trays and am having severe pain in just one tooth. I should have had a "button" on the tooth next to it but it wouldn't stay on so the ortho told me she would put it on at my next visit. Now the tooth next to it, between me front rt tooth and the canine is so painful I can't touch it with my tongue without making the whole right side of my face ache and sting! Can't bite or eat on that side either. Just wearing the bottom tray for now...

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Invisalign requires wearing the aligners

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While the tooth is very sore right now, discontinuing use of one aligner may complicate your case and make is so that the case will need to start over (mid course correction).


Sometimes, traditional brackets and wires are the best approach.


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Pain is the way our bodies tell us to help. I would call your Dr as soon as possible and see what is going on. It might be a simple issue or may need further investigation. What ever yourmDr will be able to,help. Stoping your trays is not good either so call ASAP

Jacqueline Demko, DDS, MSD
Chesterfield Orthodontist

Pain on one tooth during invisalign

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Sorry to hear about your problem with a tooth.  I would call the orthodontist ASAP to see if her can determine what is causing the problem.  Not wearing the trays can cause problem with the invisalign treatment. 

Leonard Tau, DMD
Philadelphia Dentist
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