Can swelling be worse on the 2nd day after Juvederm lip injections? (photo)

I had my lips injected with Juvederm on Thursday morning, I came home and iced all day. They looked pretty that night. I woke up the next morning and they don't look the same. Something is off, and they don't look proportional. Is it possible for swelling/lumps/asymmetry to be worse the day after the procedure? I thought swelling was immediate and subsided. I have stayed away from NSAIDs, no alcohol, no working out, etc. I'm worried and wondering if I need to call my physician.

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Swelling after Juvederm in the lips

Thank you for your question. It is very common for the lips to look over corrected or fake the next day. I often tell my patients that this is the "oh my gosh" day. This is due to all the swelling that ensues. It may last a few days with every day showing a decrease in swelling. The more you ice the first day or two, the less swelling you will have. I would wait a few days to a week and then return to your injector if you still have concerns after that. If you like the look of the lips at some point during the swelling reduction, then take a picture. This way you know what volume you like in the lips for the future.

Swelling 2nd Day After Juvederm

Swelling a few days after treatment with Juvederm at the lips is normal and can sometimes take a week to resolve. The swelling can usually be accentuated in the morning after waking up and usually gets better throughout the day as your head is elevated. You should continue to see an improvement, but if you don't, definitely follow up with your injector.

Yes, swelling can be worse the second day.

Thank you for your question. Swelling is a common side effect of lip injections and may take 2 weeks to subside. Apply a cold compress for 10 mins several times a day and sleep with your head slightly elevated. If your swelling lasts longer than 2 weeks contact your injector to discuss your concerns. 


Martin Jugenburg, MD
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Swelling after filler injections

It is not uncommon to experience swelling after Juvederm.  This should settle down over the next couple of weeks.  It is hard to be patient, but hang in there!  If you feel that things are not to your liking after waiting a couple of weeks, please seek the advice of your physician.

Janet Turkle, MD
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Juvederm and swollen lips

Yes, the swelling may be worse the day after Juvederm injections for the lips.  Wait 2 weeks to see the full result, and if you are not happy, please return to your doctor for assessment.

Martie Gidon, MD, FRCPC
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Swelling after lip fillers such as with Juvederm

It is not too unusual that some patients swell significantly after their lips are injected, regardless of which filler is used. Certainly, there might be some fillers that would absorb too much water, but when the right filler is used, such as Juvederm Ultra, or Restylane or Belotero, there may be a large swelling as a result of the injection itself. The lip area may take a few days to resolve this swelling. It may rarely happen, but can happen to a patient that has numerous filler treatments without complications in the past. When this does occur, it may take four days, less or more, to resolve. There are some treatments that the doctor can prescribe, if necessary, to reduce the swelling more quickly, if it is significant.

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Swelling after filler to lips

Swelling/bruising after filler is very common and may give you the appearance of an uneven look. However, this may take up to 10-14 days to completely subside and resolve. I usually suggest to my patients to take oral arnica after fillers to speed up the healing process. If after 14 days you feel your lips are uneven, I would suggest seeing your provider for further evaluation. 

George T. Boris, MD, FRCS, FACS
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