Still Swollen 4 Weeks Post-op (Cheek Lipo) - Final Results?

It has been 4wks and the recovery from swelling slowed down considerably after the 3rd week and seems to have reached a plateau. I can see that my face has narrowed but my cheeks protrude outwards from my profile. The puffiness casts shadows underneath my cheeks as though little mounds of fat have been placed on either cheek. I also feel a lot of firmness and lumps but I feel I look the same every morning. Does this mean my final results wont be too much better than my current appearance?

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Cheek swelling after liposuction

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At one month, you probably still have some degree of swelling.  While you may be right that there is still too much fullness, it is too early to tell if it will resolve on its own.  Check with your surgeon to make sure that there is no fluid accumulation or infection.

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Swelling after lipo

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While the majority of swelling usually resolves over the first couple of weeks, you should expect to see positive changes for up to 3 to six months.  If you have any concerns, you should address them with your surgeon.  If you have any before and after pictures, we may be able to give you more specific advice.  


Good Luck.

Months not weeks for swelling to go away after liposuction

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You're describing firmness and lumpiness.  This may very well indicate normal healing inflammation (not infection). Softening of the firm tissue can take a few more months.  Your doctor may indicate that massaging or warm compresses can help but you should ask them before doing any of this as they may have a reason to avoid doing so. In addition, they should see you as the treating surgeon,  to evaluate your condition and to reassure you.

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Liposuction - Four Weeks PostOp: Are These My Final Results?

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Hi yakumo.

In my experience, it takes a LONG time to see the final results of a lipo. Some areas (such as the hips or love-handles) typically show at least some results almost immediately; others (such as the outer thighs) take much longer.

In general, it's about 4-6 weeks to see 85% of the result, 3 months for 95% and 6 months (or longer) for all of it.  For the cheeks I would think that it's toward the shorter end of the range - but 4 weeks is definitely too early to be concerned about the final result.

It's not too early to be talking to your surgeon, of course.  Only he or she knows what you looked like before AND exactly what was done during the surgery.  It takes all of that info to be able to guide you though you post-op period.

So, while it's too early to draw absolute conclusions, it's not too early to keep the dialog going.

I hope that this helps, and good luck,

Dr. E

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