Swelling After Limelight and Genesis Laser Treatments?

I had a combination of Limelight and Genesis Laser treatments 2 days ago and have swelling around my face, chin and neck but no strong feeling of heat. I have had Limelight or IPL before and did not experience swelling. Is it normal for swelling to continue this long after treatment?

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Swelling Post Limelight + Laser Genesis Treatment

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Sometimes this does occur.  Swelling is not uncommon after combination treatments to the face.  The swelling can last anywhere from a few days to a week.  I recommend taking anti-inflammatories, and antihistamines to aid in the decrease of the swelling.  Be sure to tell your provider before your next treatment so they can adjust the settings accordingly.


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Swelling (Edema) Post Laser

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Depending upon the settings used, some people can experience edema (swelling) for up to a few days after treatment. I would say this is rare, but it can happen. You should contact the office that treated you, though, because most treatments are turned a bit higher with the settings after each progressive treatment, so this might be your max. If the settings are turned up next time you might experience too harsh of effects. You can take some OTC allergy pills - this helps with swelling post treatments too.

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