How Long Should Each Laser Genesis Session Last?

I am looking at 6 procedures spaced 2 weeks apart. Everything I've read says less than an hour. My clinic says it will be less than 30 minutes. Is this enough time to see results?

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Laser Genesis lasts about 30 minutes

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Laser Genesis treatments typically last about 30 minutes and spacing them 2 weeks apart is entirely appropriate.

Laser Genesis typically lasts 30 minutes or less

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In my office most commonly we perform Laser Genesis after a FotoFacial procedure, and in this case the two together last about 60-75 minutes. That being said, we do occasionally perform just Laser Genesis and those treatments typically last 20-30 minutes for the full face. If other areas are being done, like the neck, chest, or hands, then you'd need more time.

How Long Does a Laser Genesis Session Last?

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Laser genesis is a non-ablative laser that helps restore skin tone and texture, reduces wrinkles and is useful for hair removal and treatment of acne. It is tolerated well and does not require anesthesia.

Because there is little pain with the procedure, most treatment sessions last 30 minutes or less. If the laser genesis is combined with other procedures, such as microdermabrasion, then it could take as much as one hour.

Temp Patterson, MD
Burley Facial Plastic Surgeon

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