How Long is Best to Wait Between Treatments of Laser Genesis?

How Long is Best to Wait Between Treatments of Laser Genesis?

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Wait 2-4 weeks between sessions

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In general, I advise my patients to wait anywhere from 2-4 weeks between treatments and to have, on average, 3-5 treatments. Hope this helps.

Thousand Oaks Plastic Surgeon
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Laser genesis works

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Wait two to four weeks between treatments.  The Laser genesis LASER (light amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) is a 1064 wavelenth of light.  There is no majic in a laser except that it targets a certain color or group of colors within the light spectrum of the skin.  The genesis targets tiny blood vessels and collagen causing the skin and tissue to increase collagen production, lessen redness, make pores appear smaller.


This treatment is not usually painful, there is no down time and in my experience with 4 to 6 treatments makes the skin appear more radiant, less ruddy, with a bit of a glow.



Dr. Persons

Time between Laser Genesis treatments

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Usually we recommend patients wait 2-4 weeks in between Laser Genesis treatments. Often we do Laser Genesis along with IPL FotoFacial treatments and those treatments are usually done 3-4 weeks apart. If you're just doing Laser Genesis though, it's fine to do it 2 weeks later.

Laser Genesis Treatments

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Laser Genesis treatments can be done every 2-4 weeks.    With little to no downtime, it is a nice treatment option for treating fine lines/wrinkles, acne scars, facial redness, uneven skin texture, and large pores.  Multiple treatments are recommended for best results.

Kenneth W. Neal, MD
Arlington Dermatologic Surgeon

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