Swelling after BodyTite. Is this normal?

Had the bodytite surgery (stomach and flanks) on Tuesday and then had the bandages, sponges and compression jacket put on. Took this off on Wednesday morning and no swelling. The same again was put back on. Friday morning and gone to replace the compression jacket and my stomach has turned into a paunt / pot belly. Is this swelling? My flanks are a lot better (although a bit swollen) but I look strange as skinny but with a stomach on me. Is this normal and will go down with swelling?

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Swelling after surgery

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After body surgery or liposuction, you can often see your result early on - and then it disappears as the body swells. Swelling takes days to develop and weeks to subside. You should contact your surgeon however to be sure that s/he does not need to see you to be sure there is no infection or bleeding contributing to the swelling. Best wishes.

Swelling following bodytite procedure

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Is not uncommon to have swelling after bodytite. Is also possible that you may have some fluid accumulation. I would suggest that you

William G. Hart Jr., MD
Saint Louis Plastic Surgeon

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