Can a Non Surgical Nose Job Make my Nose Not Point Down So Much?

I do have a bump in my nose, but my main concern is from my profile view that my nose points down too much. Would this procedure fix this, and make my nose point more upwards?

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Non-surgical nose job offers small corrections for most patients

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Non-surgical nose job usually refers to utilizing injectable fillers such as Radiesse to correct small contour irregularities of the nose.  The problem you describe is due to lack of cartilage support in the nasal tip and too much prominence of the nasal bridge which is typically cartilage and/or bone.  Fillers would not be appropriate in your situation, but I would recommend a rhinoplasty to reduce the bump and a cartilage repositioning or graft to elevate and support the nasal tip.  A board certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience in rhinoplasty will be able to give you personalized advise as to what the best solution is for you to achieve your goals. 

Raising the Tip of the Nose Nonsurgically

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A falling nasal tip is a very common consequence of the loss of cartilage in the tip of the nose with the passage of time.  At one time aggressive, invasive nasal surgery, rhinoplasty, was the only way to deal with the problem. Today, a couple of nonsurgical approaches that take only a couple of minutes to perform may be used to lift the tip and to minimize the appearance of the downturned, fallen tip. 

A small amount of a volumizing material mixed with local anesthesia can be instilled at the base of the nose, right where the columella (the center divider between the nostrils) joins the skin portion of the upper lip. The volumizer (Radiesse is my material of choice for this) serves to buttress the tip and elevate it.

When additional lift is required, tiny amounts of Botox or Dysport may be injected at the base of each nostril on each side of the columella. By decreasing in this way the downward pull of the muscles in the region, the nasal muscles above, now unopposed, are able to lift the base of the nose. For many people the results of this combination of treatments are quite gratifying

It’s difficult to use filler to raise the tip of the nose

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Usually if the nose points down, it’s difficult to use filler to raise the tip of the nose. But, it really depends on the shape. If the nose is large and truly pointing down, you will probably need surgery to get the result you want.

Non-surgical nose job will not make nose point upwards

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A non-surgical nose job is typically done by injecting Radiesse into a depressed contour area.  This technique has a fairly limited role in nose surgery/recontouring.  Think of it as filling in a divot.  It is not going to lift up your tip if you have a droopy tip.  You likely would need a surgical rhinoplasty.  Dissecting the nose and bringing down the bump, as part of a typical rhinoplasty, often has the effect of rotating the tip up.

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