Bumps After Fillers in the Nose

I had a nose filler done 3 years ago and bumps were visible. The doctor laugh it off saying it will go away and if not it feels very real like a bone. But now its still here and i am worry will there be any side effect and how can i smooth out the bumps on my nose brigde as the fillers were injected to make my nose higher.

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Bumps in the nose after filer may be fixable, depending on what filler was used

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There are a number of potential drawbacks from having filler injected into the nose. First, the skin is taught over the bones and cartilage, so there is no deep "give" which is why fillers may appear lumpy. If a hyaluronic acid filler was used, it can be dissolved by injecting an enzyme Hyaluronidase that dissolves the filler. Radiesse should go away eventually. If you had a permanent filler such as silicone injected, it is just that, permanent. The only way to get rid of it is by surgically removing it, which can create scars. I suggest you see a specialist in both revision rhinoplasty as well as fillers for an opinion.

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Removing fillers from the nose

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The first question to ask is did the bumps appear right away or did they develop over some months after the injection. The distinction is between the filler as the direct cause of the bumps or your body's reaction to the filler causing the bumps. The latter may be amenable to very judicious injection of a steroid into the bump. The former would require surgical removal. I never inject fillers into the nose just for this reason- the risk of ending up with lumps or bumps is very high.

Since you are presumably in Asia and presumably are Asian I assume you requested augmentation of the bridge for an Asian nose. The majority of these patients require significant bridge augmentation so I even prefer implants in these cases over cartilage grafts. The amount of material that would have to be injected to correct the bridge makes the risk of lumps even greater than injecting a small amount for a smaller correction. Now you are in a bit of a bind because you can't put an implant or graft in till the lumps are removed otherwise they will look even bigger. If they are still present 3 years after the initial injection the filler was most likely a permanent filler like silicone or artecoll. These can be very difficult to remove as when you remove the material you inevitably remove some normal tissue that should be left behind and the exposure to get at the material is limited even with an open rhinoplasty approach.

To avoid further or worse complications be very careful about which surgeon you choose next and what surgery is performed. See a few surgeons and weigh the pros and cons of each very carefully before proceeding.

Aaron Stone, MD
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