Super Oily Skin After Botox and Perlane?

Hello. I got botox on my 11's and perlane on my nasolabial folds yesterday. Everything has gone as expected. Only thing is that my face looks like an oil slick. It's super shiny and oily specially in the areas treated. I've never had problem with an oily face. I remember the skin on my chest getting this way after implants and it went away with time. Will this go away as I heal too?

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Skin prep for Botox/Perlane injections

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I can't see any reason why Botox or Perlane would make your skin oily, but since the same thing  happened when you had implant surgery it sounds like a reaction to the skin prep used to sterilize the skin before injections or surgery.

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Not related to Botox and Perlane

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This is unusual and is probably not a result of Botox and Perlane. It could be a reaction to a topical product that has been applied recently. Did you receive numbing cream? Did you apply a new skincare product?

Oily Skin After Botox and Perlane

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As mentioned in several comments below, I can't think of a reason for either of these things to cause oily skin. Perhaps, your PS office has an aesthetician you can meet with to go over your change in skin.

Botox and oily skin

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Perlane and Botox injected into the skin and muscles won't cause your skin to appear oily. I would consider: if anything else has changed in your skincare regime; and/or review recent topical applications. Following up with your provider will also allow them some assessment of the areas treated and you could have a discussion on the topical application they provide prior to injections.

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